Rendition Deadline Extended to May 15. Click to read more.

March 31, 2020

Ellis Appraisal District Grants Business Owners 30 Day Rendition Extension

Waxahachie – If you own a business in Ellis County and have tangible personal property used to produce income such as office equipment, inventory, and the like, you must report that property to the Ellis Appraisal District annually.  While the deadline to file a rendition is April 15, the chief appraiser is granting an automatic extension of the deadline to May 15 amid the COVID‐19 pandemic.

“Business owners and others in our community are scrambling to do their part to contain the spread of COVID‐19; filing required renditions are the furthest thing from their minds right now.   While I cannot waive the requirement to file renditions, I am allowed to grant extensions and that is certainly necessary,” said Kathy Rodrigue, Chief Appraiser.

A rendition is a report that lists all of the taxable property used in the production of income that a business owner owned as of January 1.  Renditions are utilized to determine the value of a business’ personal property.  If a rendition is not filed, if it is filed after the deadline, or the rendition is not complete, a ten percent penalty may be imposed.  The chief appraiser may grant an additional 15 day extension if the business owner files a written request prior to May 15 stating good cause for requesting more time.

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