AD Forms

The Texas Property Tax Code  requires applications for various exemptions and special use valuations. Below is a listing of applications and forms used most by Ellis Appraisal District property owners.

For a complete list of tax forms please visit the Comptroller’s Website at

For a complete listing of the law please refer to the Texas  Property Tax Code (TPTC):

 TPTC Section Subject Form
11.13 Residential Homestead, Over 65. Disabled and Surviving Spouse Exemptions Homestead/Over 65/Disabled/Etc Exemption Application (Form Fillable)
11.22 Disabled Veteran Application for Disabled Veteran or Survivor Exemption – State Form 50-135
41.41 Notice of Protest 2019 Notice of Protest Form (Fillable)
Agricultural Special Valuation 2019 Ag Application (Form Fillable)
22.01 Personal Property Rendition 2019 BPP RENDITION (Form Fillable)
22.01 Real Property Rendition Residential Inventory Rendition
Other Forms:
Change of Mailing Address Form
Mixed Use Vehicle Exemption Application
Request to Remove Personal Information from EAD Website
EAD Employment Application