Notice of Protests Accepted Through May 31st

The Ellis Appraisal District (EAD) mailed out certain appraisal notices on April 1. The Texas Legislature established a law placing a deadline of May 1 on those notices. In another section of the law, appraisal districts are instructed to accept protests filed after the deadline, as long as the protest is filed before June 1.  We understand this may be confusing, but the appraisal district must follow the law.  The appraisal district has and always will follow the law in accepting protests through May 31st.

We appreciate the concern of the property owners who could eProtest and did not begin a protest before the 30 day deadline of May 1. We have reopened the portal up until midnight May 31st or anyone is welcome to file a protest until May 31 by email to, mailing their protest to PO Box 878, Waxahachie, TX 75168 or dropping it by our office at 400 Ferris Avenue, Waxahachie, TX.  The email, mailing and delivery of the protest by means other than the portal have always been accepted before June 1 as the law instructs.

This year, EAD created a new email account of so we could better communicate with our property owners filing protests. Unfortunately, there was a misprint on the appraisal notice with a .cad extension rather than .com. EAD is here to serve and wants to address all concerns of all property owners.